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An online learning opportunity is only as effective as its campus Wi-Fi connectivity. Inadequate Wi-Fi connections are disruptive to students and frustrating for staff to navigate: In a learning setting, substandard technology spells out a concerning problem that disadvantages staff and students alike.

Wi-Fi From Classroom To Classroom - A Unique Challenge.

Maintaining access to a powerful, high quality education Wi-Fi solution throws serious curve-balls to schools and other education providers. To run smoothly, classrooms depend on consistent Wi-Fi solutions that perform without a hitch.

Crash Technology. Making Online Learning A Reliable, Smooth Convenience. 

For us, it’s not just about making sure that wireless solutions for schools stand up to the digital curriculum. The unique requirements of a high-quality education wireless solution calls for a product that shines from every angle.

At Crash Technology, we understand the growing need for education Wi-Fi solutions that don’t buckle under the heat of above average usage demands. Wherever and whatever the task, be it downloading class texts, accessing learning modules or safely exploring other educational online platforms, we know that a solid Wi-Fi solution must also stand up to consistently heavy traffic demands. With this understanding as a core focus, we’ve developed a product that addresses those needs directly.

At Crash Technology, we are committed to delivering Wi-Fi solutions for schools that can:

  • Meet tight budgets
  • Function smoothly in complicated settings
  • Easily meet high user demands
  • Promote uninterrupted learning with a smooth installation process

The Crash Technology Difference.

Teksupport Wi-Fi solutions are unique and offer an edge that other brands don’t. Delivering a seamless provision in a virtual Wi-Fi cell format, Crash Technology Wi-Fi innovations service the entire premises. This allows users to remain connected without disruption, upholding a Wi-Fi solution exclusive to the vendor Teksupport use. 

Improved Connectivity Is An Improved Opportunity. Crash Technology Can Help.

Every time a Wi-Fi system fails, valuable time, money and resources are lost, and for many educators looking to benefit from online learning modules, low performance in wireless solutions in schools is a frustrating reality. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The team of experts at Crash Technology has worked with a number of educational bodies, sharing the view to optimise learning opportunities with wireless solutions that work perfectly, wherever staff and students are on campus. To chat with a Crash Technology consultant about improving your current school wireless solutions, call our friendly team today.

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Steve Hogben - Chief Technology Officer, Quickflix Limited

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