Hospital and Healthcare Wifi Solutions

Hospital Wifi Network Quality Wi-Fi In Healthcare: Bringing The Best To Our Hospitals.

As our healthcare system adapts under rapid technological evolution, the need for improved connectivity increases in urgency.

The benefits of a consistent and reliable Wi-Fi system are clear: A good signal leads to better outcomes for everyone. 

Healthcare professionals rely on a speedy connection when they access records and data, when they share files and communications, when they send and receive result delivery and more. A strong hospital Wi-Fi signal makes information exchange a seamless process.

From the perspective of patients and visitors using Wi-Fi access areas in a hospital setting, a strong Wi-Fi signal and reliable connectivity offers underlying reassurance, allowing users to remain in touch and online where possible. The frustration avoided with a high-quality hospital Wi-Fi solution is a step towards neutrality, engagement and comfort in a sometimes sensitive setting.

Challenge: Speed And Reliability In The Most Demanding Setting.

Developing excellence in healthcare Wi-Fi solutions means overcoming challenges that have been considered extremely difficult to navigate in the past. However, the future-focused team at  Crash Technology has worked hard to develop a hospital Wi-Fi network solution that addresses the scope of constraints typically found in a healthcare setting. These constraints include:

  • 100% coverage capacity
  • Wall and equipment density
  • Radio frequency interference
  • Electrical device interference

Why The Crash Technology Solution Makes A Difference In Healthcare

The Crash Technology hospital Wi-Fi network solution is unlike any other offered by a competitive brand. Using channel layering segregation, our innovative solution allows for medical staff, patients and visitors to each have their own virtual cell. Our design ensures Nurse Call systems can be easily integrated and authorised users can roam without experiencing a loss of connection. This enterprise Wi-Fi solution is unique to the vendor that Teksupport partner with.

Recognised for developing improved connectivity for the healthcare industry and beyond, Crash Technology solutions continue to make a difference in a number of industries across the country. Ready for the future as it arrives, we are committed to meeting the challenges of providing fast, safe, effective and reliable connectivity for everyone, every day.

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" ...this network design was to allow minimal downtime in the event of a single system failure, and we achieved this with a redundant HP SAN and clustered servers through VMware."
David English - Senior Network Administrator, Nuplex Industries

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