Domain Names and Web Hosting

Domain Name Hosting

Owning your own domain name has many advantages such as brand building for your business or organisation. It can also become your name or identity forever, and this includes your email address that is linked to your domain name, regardless of which provider you may use in the future. 

There can be some confusion to what this all means :

  • Registration - the right to use a name for a number of years. 
  • Domain hosting - a 'white pages' type record for email delivery, web addresses, etc.
  • Web hosting - serves your website only to customers.

Teksupport can register, manage and host your domain name. This enables Teksupport to make changes on your behalf to your internet services with minimum disruption.

Web Hosting At Teksupport 

Teksupport can host your website for you here at our premises in Mulgrave. 

If you would like a new website design or updates to an existing website, we can arrange that for you by some excellent website designers that we work with. They will design and deliver a responsive, mobile-friendly website that can cover a wide range of business needs in a secure and user-friendly manner. 

What Is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a system that enables your business's website to be accessed via the world wide web. It stores and provides all the necessary technology that is needed in order for a website to have clear visibility in the world wide web. 

Contact Us Today To Set Up Your Custom Website Solutions And Web Hosting Services With Teksupport.

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" ...this network design was to allow minimal downtime in the event of a single system failure, and we achieved this with a redundant HP SAN and clustered servers through VMware."
David English - Senior Network Administrator, Nuplex Industries

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